The Social Retards are a clan set up in the time before time, a clan which not only live to kill, but kill for fun.

You can read more about them at
Spoony is such a social retard.
Aye, whereas Mr Camel is just a retard.
by Gazza August 16, 2004
One who at all social gatherings manages to embarrass themselves or cause undue awkwardness whenever they add remarks to the conversation.
When she joined in the conversation, she was such a social retard.

"You are such a social retard"
by Judd1106 January 26, 2007
A person who is retarted socially. Usually used to describe somebody with average or above average intellegence who is scared or ignoarant of what to do in a normal social situation.

That kid who nobody talks to, and if you try to initiate conversation with him he gets nervous and doesnt know what to say.
I asked that social retard how he was doing and he freaked out
by abc123xyz December 30, 2008
A pioneer in that they know that the social arena these days is throughly poisoned and full of just plain ol' non-mentally handicapped retards (i.e., people who, if they only tried just a little bit, could actually use their brains and then might make themselves somewhat bearable).
Therefore, so-called "social retards" are smart enough to stay away from that shitfest (i.e., most bars and clubs) and realize that it would be a total waste of energy to spend time out with those stupid looking, ugly morons.
It's better to be a social retard than a retard that actually sees something good in going out to a toxic social envirnment like a bar.
by sheallee March 22, 2009
One that cannot function socially. Not retarded, but rather incapable of interacting socially for several reasons. Immaturity, spitefulness, emotional scars, etc.
My sister dropped out of school at an early age, missed formidable social growth and now at the age of 40 acts like she's 15.

My youngest brother always got what he wanted and threw a fit when he didn't. Now that he is an adult he still acts the same way even around strangers.

Social Retards!
by Pitco January 25, 2010
1) One who is slow at the social scene. 2) One who is blamed for not attending manysocial events. 3) A person who choses not to be social.
Dude, if your aren't going to the football game, then you're a social retard!
by tripleplay1882 September 30, 2010
Person who is having or showing a lack of desire, social education, manners or up-brining to respect time/polite gestures/friendship/companionship/welfare of another members of the human society.
Alex is a social retard who changed his mind and cancelled a date 5 minutes before the dinner.
by OB84Social May 24, 2010
a loser, geek, nerd, or a dork that was mistakenly invited to an "all cool people party"...
"why did you invite her? she's a social retard!!!"
by szcarlette August 26, 2006

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