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(n., v.t.,) When someone approaches you and initializes conversation without your consent, regardless of what you're doing, who else you're talking to, or if you respond.
(verb: socially rape)
"I was talking to Joe today when Jenny came up and socially raped me."
"I hate when she does that."
"Social rape should be outlawed."
by Toast King October 01, 2007
When someone probes you with personality questions and other awkward "getting to know you dialogue". If one is socially raped enough, it may ultimately lead to friend rape.
Lily: Did you see Meg asking Tom all those questions? He looked really uncomfortable.

Angie: Yeah, that was social rape!
by katieemw95 October 22, 2009
(1) What happens to victims of false rape. The resulting professional, social and psychological damage both short and long term. (2) What feminists (radical egalitarian) do to the reputation of a marriageable male if he lingers in the "friend-zone" after the initial rejection. (3) What feminists (radical egalitarian) at the office eventually do to the reputation of a marriageable male if he is engaging and friendly -- regardless that he keeps the discussion on work. Defective / non-marriageable males are much less likely to be socially raped because they are easily dismissed and thus less threatening.
Wanetta Gibson - to Brian Banks (Falcons ball player)

Crystal Mangum - to 6 Duke-LaCrosse college players

LeAnne Black - to 5 victims in Britain in 2013

USA federal Title IX from OCR - on college campuses, preponderance of evidence (50.1%) is the new standard for disciplinary action in sexual misconduct complaints rather than clear and convincing level as of 2011. But there is no means to measure exactly what is 50.1% and the accused cannot question / confront the accuser before action is taken. So a catch-22 disfavoring males and opens the door for increasing social rape, but higher education goes along with it because they can't say no to the bounty of Title IX federal dollars.
by frankly frank November 28, 2013
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