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A point in your life when you start dressing better, easily talk to the opposite sex, stop being immature, become more popular, know how to socialize, and get a life. Social puberty can occur anywhere from the ages of 11-14, and anytime after that for the socially delayed.
*at a party*
Chick 1: Dayummm, Rick looks fine tonight!
Chick 2: Don't think about it, he has a girlfriend.
Chick 1: Rick?? He used to be a total virgin/geek/nerd! Didn't he leave our school cause people were bullying him?
Chick 2: Yeah, well now he drives a Lexus, is captain of the football team, and could be an Abercrombie model.
Chick 1: Holy shit, he must have finally went through social puberty.
by ch33z December 06, 2007
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