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The distribution of advantages to the good or innocent and disadvantages to the bad or evil in any society.
After a soothing moment of 'Angel Hunting,' social justice has been served.
by Angel Hunter November 10, 2009
The process of valuing, expressing, and promoting love, respect, harmony, trust, admiration, generosity, peace, and equity upon other people in any society, regardless of their race, ethnicity, color, sex, national origin, height, weight, age, handicap level, marital status, occupation, etc. This can also be known as social harmony between diverse groups of people.
According to the way my good friends treated me, social justice has been served.

To most people, she is a very liberal and generous person, thus practicing social justice.
by A.H. Rules April 07, 2010
The even application of just laws upon society, and the creation of laws that do not impede minorities, do not favor extreme or illegal views, and do not prevent society from being at its best.
Glenn Beck's body will be cut up into pieces and distributed equally among all the citizens of American. That is social justice.

Gay, lesbian, and other culturally progressive cops will subject anyone who misuses authority to discriminative police brutality. That is social justice.

Any person who refrained from voting for Obama will receive a mandatory "I Am Hopeless" sticker, free public health insurance, and a free disease to go along with it. That is social justice.
by sljauzmuogeod April 06, 2010