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Such as halitosis is for bad breath. This definition is used to define a horrible social mishap in which the yield is a terribly awkward silence and embarrassment as a result of said silence. Can be confused with word vomitting. Often used as a failed attempt of levity. Used in Say Anything's song on their new album named Say Anything- "She Won't Follow You."
(Amongst a group of females.)
Noble (male): "So what are you ladies doing this evening?

(Females): *Chatter Chatter*

Dick (Male that also joins the conversation.): "So what's up guys? I mean girls, you know because you guys are girls and have vaginas and such... (Pause) So what's up females?...

Noble (to crowd): "I can smell this guy's social halitosis from here."
by Socialistically Awkard November 04, 2009
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