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what most of the world calls football
Tyler: Hey man, do you play soccer?
Taylor: Yeah dude, it's awesome. It takes a lot of skill and practice and it keeps you in good shape.
by whatserface December 22, 2007
Soccer (a.k.a Football, The Beautiful Game) is a sport that has been played in one form or another throughout the world for at least 2000 years. No one has the right to claim it as a sport they invented, neither the British, French, Chinese nor any others. This sport has evolved over the centuries and has adopted characteristics from around the world. The English in the 1800's were the first to create a Football Association, regulating the sport and creating the basis of the "Laws" we know today, they did not invent the sport, the Brit's formalized it. Before anyone comments further on who invented the sport and it's origins please do you research. Start at the official FIFA website, they have a breif history of the sport on their website.
P.S: Soccer is a word invented in England, it is a bastardization on the word "Association Football" to distinguish between Rugby Football (a.k.a Rugger) and Association Football (a.k.a Soccer) on University campus in the 1800's where both sports were played.
To all my English/UK friends ... stop complaining, you invented the word we use today. :-)
Yank: You play Soccer?
Brit: What's Soccer, mate?
Yank: You know it as Football.
Brit: Why do you Yanks call it Soccer.
Yank: I don't know, why did you Brit's invent the word?
by Vince B B October 30, 2007
The Real Football, the Round Ball Code,the Beautiful game, The World Game.

it is Football because
1) a ball defined in a dictionary is a sphere
2) the players, kick with their foot, the Goalkeeper is the exception as he/she can catch the ball

Round ball code most definitely requires skills like other sports. It may not be as physical as other football codes, but it still requires some physical strength and a shit load of mental strength.

remember there are 22 players on field, and they have to be control themselves from diving hard, and resist from fighting with the opponents- (they get carded two yellows and get suspended for a game in internationals, while in domestic league it might be two games, depending on how rough the oul or tackle was), they also have to be able to control the ball, judge the distance when they pass a ball to a teammate (and this is kicking not throwing a ball),or when they do free kicks, players have to concentrate on a small goal post, which is rectangular and has the cross bar, players have to know what there teammates are thinking meaning the players have to work together in the sense that they have to know where to go and receive the ball. The ball is not controlled by hands but by the foot, and its not easy kicking a ball in a cold winters day or a sultry hot day and even worse a rainy day, which is hard because the ball is harder to kick on a rainy day. They have offside rule.

to top it off "soccer" or Futbol/ Football is a mentally top game,its the ultimate human game, technology doe not interrupt the game like other football codes. Its better with the injustices and justices of the game because it creates drama and people talk about it!!!

Football is a hard sport, even a player, and there are other professional football players of other football codes saying that football (soccer) players have a lot of talent and are skillful
an AFL player said that his teammate "(... got in goal at one stage and one of their coaches (football coach) took a penalty. Tom (player) has good hands – we know that – but he barely moved as the ball flashed past him. The speed and precision was immense."

by moodism March 31, 2007
A great kickass sport that requires skill, speed, agility, and determination. All the Americans who say soccer is a pussy sport havent tried it they are just cunt faced assholes bitches that say it is low scoring and boring, but scoring a goal is much harder than getting a touchdown. Soccer players are usually natrual athletes and they are hella awesome.
American football fan: Soccer is a pussy sport
Me: *Kicks him in his tiny balls*
American football fan: OW
Me: Thats how a soccer player kicks bitch*spits on face*
by Eric! September 19, 2006
The most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to mass genocide
"I've been playing soccer for so long I'm too tired to sleep."
by Adge August 12, 2006
The American word for football because they have to have different words for everything.
Of course, this may confuse some Americans because they also have a sport called football, but their football different.
American football=I have no idea but I think it is some form of rugby.
Rugby=a vile sport.

Of course this is written by a girl and girls don't know anything, obviously. I'm just a mere female creature of this Earth. My opinion doesn't count. Don't listen to me. Listen to some smelly, sweaty guy with a six pack.
He'll know.
Of course he will.

Why wouldn't he? He is a boy after all. Far superior. Girls are good for nothing.

Bob: He, douchebag! Check out my new pants!
Person: Uh, hi. No thank you.
Bob: AW don't be a douchebag! Hey, wanna play some football?
Person: (Takes out a football) Yeah, sure.
Bob: NOT SOCCER, YOU DOUCHEBAG! FOOTBALL! Now get me some peanut butter and jelly.
by cjsparrow August 05, 2012
The most popular sport in the world apparently, much the same way that rice is the most widely eaten food in the world, its not that people want to eat rice or play soccer, they just have no other choice.
I would kill for some soccer and rice right now.
by Social Spermicide August 28, 2010