The best freaking sport in the world! Not only the most popular (the world cup is watched by more people than the super bowl) but simply one of the best.

And to those who claim it is for pussys and is not a contact sport, I have broken ribs, cause of soccer, as well as a dislocated knee and screwed up ankles, and I know somebody, who could die if she gets another soccer related concussion. So just shut up till you can play for 90 minutes straight with only shinguards on!
Guy 1: Dude, howed you do that? flag football in a park?
Soccer player: Freak no, had a soccer game this weekend
by Cross_Soccer_Country May 21, 2010
a sport that should be called football in America because it makes more sense. but just because Americans changed the name doesnt mean they arent good. i got news for ya! WE are good!! Didnt you see how good America did in the Confederations Cup? if you didnt they almost beat Brazil... in the finals! the score was 3-2 Brazil!!!

Anyway.... football (soccer) involves 2 teams of 11 players kicking the ball around on the field passing around trying to score on the goal. Soccer is very competitive and physical.
American #1- dont you think soccer should really be named football like the rest of the world?

American #2- yes i agree the name for soccer in America is the only bad think about USA
by ilovesocceritsmylifeandpassion April 18, 2010
An exciting and intriguing game requiring extreme talent, it can be played and enjoyed by anyone in the world.

Serious fans tend to be annoying pricks who use their soccer passion as an excuse not to get laid.
me: Hey man, lets go and hang out with the girls I met the other day, they seem really cool

friend: Na man, my soccer teams got a match

me: oh ok, well how bout tomorrow?

friend: Na man, I really don't like girls, I just want to watch men kick balls around all day. I wish i could have them inside of me

me: ok, well have fun with that, im sorry your life is so empty that you have to base your pride and self respect on the success or failure of a sports team which you don't play on and doesnt even play in this country
by dontgeitit January 31, 2010
The dumb shit name americans gave to one of the most established and most popular sport in the world.
Also the only game where there is no time outs, 45 minute halfs, and only three subs allowed per game. Whilst copying enemy sports like AMERICAN football has a break after every play, baseball where you can be fat as fuck, and hockey where u can come out when wanted as many times as needed (about ever fucking minute). And also the sport known as a pussy sport, which TOTALLY makes sence because rarely people can keep up the pace after 33 because of reoccurring injuries because you played a game with a torn achilles tendon, pulled ligament, chipped knee, etc.
Fat ass baseball pitcher: Yeah man, look at that soccer player, i bet he can barely outrun a car.
Basketball player: Yeah nigga he is hella pussy he can barely

kick a ball about 100 yards.
by schmegmadude August 26, 2009
An awesome sport in which one of the main rules is to kick balls.
Sorry I can't, I have soccer today.
by sp!ffeh June 18, 2009
lots of people say soccer is harder than american football because you are constantly moving... how many times do you see a soccer player tackled by a 6'5 300 pound guy and get right back up? if soccer takes so much more work, why arent soccer players built like football players; constantly in the weight room? soccer players may be fast, but they aren't running 4.3 40 yard dashes.
Soccer douche: soccer is so much harder than american football
football player: *knocks soccer player on ground*
soccer douche: shit call my mom and bring the mini van and some ice
by Not a soccer fag April 30, 2009
The best sport in the world. nuff said.
Dang. Soccer is so much better than the the gay football.
by caleb ward October 11, 2008
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