the american term for football. why the yanks call it `soccer`, who knows? 10 players on each team try and score in the opponent`s goal, defended by the goal keeper, who is the only player allowed to pick up the ball. the other ten must use their feet. thus the name football.
boy: hey mom lets play soccer! then we can watch a movie!

translation:(pukka english) oi mum! lets play football! then maybe a film
by geddonm8 December 31, 2006
To play soccer means to smoke cannabis; it is the newest slang term for marijuana.
Yesterday night, me and my friends went out back and played soccer.
by TheOneWhoDidnt December 15, 2012
Sure it takes skill, sure it takes dedication. I know that because Ive played the game. But American Football is a real man game. Theres collisions at over 80 mph (Sport Science proved it), the only reason they wear a shit load of pads is so they don't die!! They have to memorize like a billion plays, make reads off the other team, watch game film of themselves and the other team, they have to be able to tackle people who are sometimes 250 pounds, they have to be able to catch (while being tackled too), they have to be able to throw accurately and far, they have to run extremely fast. Football players may only have to run for a couple of seconds but those few seconds take more out of you then a whole 10 minutes in soccer. These football players are the world's greatest athletes. We americans and canadians watch your version of football. Maybe you should try watching ours for once
Soccer. Watch the Superbowl on February 6th. Just give it a try
by American Football 11 January 14, 2011
A sport that Americans don't like, and the rest of the world does. Americans are constantly called ignorant and stupid for not liking it, because we aren't obsessed with it like everyone else is. The only sport that requires training in the art of footsy, and extensive acting lessons in faking injuries in order to play
"Aaaand here we go. Here's a pass. And then another pass. Je passes it again, and it's taken away! Now the ball is going the other direction. There's a pass, and another one, oh no! That guy got kicked in the leg, he's crying and rolling on the ground in agony! Nope, nevermind he's all right now. And here's a pass. Another pass. Aaaand another. Now a backwards pass. He shoots, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL!"

And after 20 minutes of players prancing around celebrating, were underway once again. He passes the ball. There's another pass. Another. And another. Soccer Is so much fun. Ooh another pass..."
by Spaz1164 July 25, 2010
Most popular non-contact sport in the world. Rugby turns out to be its bastard badass son.
Play Soccer. Screw basketball with ridiculously high scoring and giants who can dunk while everyone just sits around.
by Phil Kaltenbach July 10, 2008
A great kickass sport that requires skill, speed, agility, and determination. All the Americans who say soccer is a pussy sport havent tried it they are just cunt faced assholes bitches that say it is low scoring and boring, but scoring a goal is much harder than getting a touchdown. Soccer players are usually natrual athletes and they are hella awesome.
American football fan: Soccer is a pussy sport
Me: *Kicks him in his tiny balls*
American football fan: OW
Me: Thats how a soccer player kicks bitch*spits on face*
by Eric! September 19, 2006
The most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to mass genocide
"I've been playing soccer for so long I'm too tired to sleep."
by Adge August 12, 2006

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