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The best freaking sport in the world! Not only the most popular (the world cup is watched by more people than the super bowl) but simply one of the best.

And to those who claim it is for pussys and is not a contact sport, I have broken ribs, cause of soccer, as well as a dislocated knee and screwed up ankles, and I know somebody, who could die if she gets another soccer related concussion. So just shut up till you can play for 90 minutes straight with only shinguards on!
Guy 1: Dude, howed you do that? flag football in a park?
Soccer player: Freak no, had a soccer game this weekend
by Cross_Soccer_Country May 21, 2010
a sport that should be called football in America because it makes more sense. but just because Americans changed the name doesnt mean they arent good. i got news for ya! WE are good!! Didnt you see how good America did in the Confederations Cup? if you didnt they almost beat Brazil... in the finals! the score was 3-2 Brazil!!!

Anyway.... football (soccer) involves 2 teams of 11 players kicking the ball around on the field passing around trying to score on the goal. Soccer is very competitive and physical.
American #1- dont you think soccer should really be named football like the rest of the world?

American #2- yes i agree the name for soccer in America is the only bad think about USA
by ilovesocceritsmylifeandpassion April 18, 2010
a very intense sport that involves a lot of skill. people often diss soccer only because they wish that they could play it as good as others. once you play soccer on a team, there is usually no stopping you. i have been playing for 8 years, and i rock at it. it takes a ton of practice outside of the team practices and games, like dribbling it down the street without looking down, and jugging it on your knees for ten minutes straight. after you have accomplished this, then tell me that soccer requires no skill. during a game, you have to dribble down a field between atleast 4 people trying to get at that moment your most prized possesion, keep the ball out of the 18-yard line and shoot pass a goalie without kicking the ball over or beside the net, which means perfect aim. DONT DISS SOCCER
Jill: Wow, she has been playing for 8 years, look at her go!
Jack: yea i know, playing soccer for that long must mean that she has really strong thighs.
Jill: yea, i wish i started when i was 6!
by SoccerfreakLindsay May 14, 2007
A game where the will of other men continually test your foundations, and the conviction with which you attain goals.
"I just don't have the energy to play soccer, dad."
"Well son--do you want to live life? Or let it live you?"
by Rich June 24, 2006
A fun sport. Also known as Football. Seems theres always an argument between soccer players and American Football players, doesn't make much sense.

Lazy fuck: Hey look at me, I'm a lazy fuck that has nothing better to do than sit on my ass and make fun of things I know nothing about!

About that... You say that we no nothing about a sport, while, chances are, you dont know anything about American football if you think it requires no skill, yet openly bash it too everyone. Good work, you just made a fool of yourself.
Soccer is a fun sport. So is Football.
by Lukish April 30, 2006
Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Its played by overpaid sissy men on a field you could land a 747 on. The goalies defend a net you could park a semi trailer in which is the hardest job on the field. Sometimes goalies are expected to stop in excess of three shots per game.

The most frequently used strategy in soccer involves lying on the the field and writhing around and crying at the smallest semblance of physical contact. Often times when no contact has even occurred but the refs weren't looking. This will get you a free shot that will probably miss the net anyways because hitting a 40 foot wide net is somehow hard.
Sure soccer players can run for extended periods of time as if that is supposed to get me to respect them. Who cares? They should try playing ice hockey where you have to skate the whole time with a lot of equipment on and can't run out of bounds like the girly soccer players. In fact I defy any soccer player to willingly jump in front of a 110 mph shot.

Soccer is also a convenient excuse to display cultural and racial intolerance in the form of riots and murder. Property damage is also usually on display before during and after a soccer match.

Because if watching a 4 hour game that ends in a 0-0 tie with 4 shots on goal between teams doesn't make you want to trample children and throw Molotov's at the police I don't know what will.

But as long as they can run around for extended periods of time most of Europeans will love it.
Jesus that soccer match sure was boring. I fell asleep halfway through because it's just a bunch of guys running around not doing anything. But at least it picked up with the post game race riot.
by Hartford A. Thickewhistle October 10, 2013
Soccer, or futbol, is the worlds largest sport. It requires an extreme amount of skill and natural talent. Usually made fun of by American Football players, when in reality, the sport "American Football" is only a fraction of the size of futbol. It is also proven that to become a professional soccer player, it takes twice the amount of practice compared to an American Football player, you also need a high amount of athleticism, unlike "American Football". This sport is commemorated every 4 years with a "World Cup".
An example of the highly skilled game soccer, people should check out is the Barclay's Premier League
by Willy S June 19, 2013