The best freaking sport in the world! Not only the most popular (the world cup is watched by more people than the super bowl) but simply one of the best.

And to those who claim it is for pussys and is not a contact sport, I have broken ribs, cause of soccer, as well as a dislocated knee and screwed up ankles, and I know somebody, who could die if she gets another soccer related concussion. So just shut up till you can play for 90 minutes straight with only shinguards on!
Guy 1: Dude, howed you do that? flag football in a park?
Soccer player: Freak no, had a soccer game this weekend
by Cross_Soccer_Country May 21, 2010
a sport that should be called football in America because it makes more sense. but just because Americans changed the name doesnt mean they arent good. i got news for ya! WE are good!! Didnt you see how good America did in the Confederations Cup? if you didnt they almost beat Brazil... in the finals! the score was 3-2 Brazil!!!

Anyway.... football (soccer) involves 2 teams of 11 players kicking the ball around on the field passing around trying to score on the goal. Soccer is very competitive and physical.
American #1- dont you think soccer should really be named football like the rest of the world?

American #2- yes i agree the name for soccer in America is the only bad think about USA
by ilovesocceritsmylifeandpassion April 18, 2010
Sport in which its diehard fans are completely self-righteous and dilusional. With that aside, soccer is an excellent sport that requires extreme stamina and coordination. Soccer (as with any other sport due to differing skill sets) should not be considered a superior or inferior form of sport.
Soccer fans in the USA front aggrogance about soccer to hide their envy of the NFL's popularity.
by Judas & Frankie Lee December 24, 2009
The best sport in the world. nuff said.
Dang. Soccer is so much better than the the gay football.
by caleb ward October 11, 2008
what most of the world calls football
Tyler: Hey man, do you play soccer?
Taylor: Yeah dude, it's awesome. It takes a lot of skill and practice and it keeps you in good shape.
by whatserface December 22, 2007
Soccer (a.k.a Football, The Beautiful Game) is a sport that has been played in one form or another throughout the world for at least 2000 years. No one has the right to claim it as a sport they invented, neither the British, French, Chinese nor any others. This sport has evolved over the centuries and has adopted characteristics from around the world. The English in the 1800's were the first to create a Football Association, regulating the sport and creating the basis of the "Laws" we know today, they did not invent the sport, the Brit's formalized it. Before anyone comments further on who invented the sport and it's origins please do you research. Start at the official FIFA website, they have a breif history of the sport on their website.
P.S: Soccer is a word invented in England, it is a bastardization on the word "Association Football" to distinguish between Rugby Football (a.k.a Rugger) and Association Football (a.k.a Soccer) on University campus in the 1800's where both sports were played.
To all my English/UK friends ... stop complaining, you invented the word we use today. :-)
Yank: You play Soccer?
Brit: What's Soccer, mate?
Yank: You know it as Football.
Brit: Why do you Yanks call it Soccer.
Yank: I don't know, why did you Brit's invent the word?
by Vince B B October 30, 2007
the american term for football. why the yanks call it `soccer`, who knows? 10 players on each team try and score in the opponent`s goal, defended by the goal keeper, who is the only player allowed to pick up the ball. the other ten must use their feet. thus the name football.
boy: hey mom lets play soccer! then we can watch a movie!

translation:(pukka english) oi mum! lets play football! then maybe a film
by geddonm8 December 31, 2006

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