pussy sport that frowns upon any real physical contact. object is to get a ball into giant net with the score usually being 1-0. often thought of as a very physically draining sport by the ones who cant play any other sport cause there mommys dont want them to get hurt. try blocking a 100mph peice of frozen rubber and being checked into boards and hit with sticks and then tell me how draining soccer is.
wow that pussy tripped over his own feet goin for that ball.
by HoCkEyPlaYeR January 15, 2005
same meaning as gay, the words can be used interchangebly
That kid plays soccer? what a fag
by tuy October 13, 2003
a game played by girls masquerading as men who couldn't live through an attempt to tangle with American football players
"what are those fags playing, soccer?
by the big 57 March 10, 2005
Theres only 2 good things about soccer.
1. Watching those fucking foreign assholes beat the hell out of each other because they think their teams better.
2. When a player fucks up they take him out back after the game and put him out of his misery, like an old horse.
by fuck your world August 26, 2003
gayest game on the planet, i rather get kicked in the nuts for the rest of my life than watch one second of that bullshit pussy sport
Soccer is for pussies.
by L Dizz February 04, 2004
A pussy ass sport. Only for European fags. Soccer players are the most woman like fags ever.
Smart American #1: Hey, look at those soccer players there.
Smart American #2: Yeah, I bet they're gay.
Smart American #1:Well, duh, they are soccer players.
by BigMan April 07, 2005
11 players playing in a field. you can use all of your body execpt hands

but......... dont play it its FUCKING boring
by lee chan hee September 03, 2003
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