as said by the best man ever
"A strange sport played by damaged people"
<robin williams
by Jimt September 16, 2004
Sometimes used as another word for sex when you dont want people around you to know that you wanna fuck
Michael: Hey Boris, lets go for a quick game of Soccer
by Jawi April 03, 2003
I’ve played soccer. And it has to be the most idiotic game ever. There is no contact whatsoever, and there are so many players on the field at one time that it is impossible to get a shot off.
Wow, how can Europe like this game?
by Vic4 June 29, 2005
A simple game invented by English women who wanted to kill some time while their husbands cleaned the apartment and cooked dinner. (During WWII, thousands of American GIs stationed in Britain prior to the D-Day invasion were able keep British women occupied which led to a temporary decrease in soccer's popularity)

Soccer requires moderate stamina but very little skill or strategy, which is why it is such a popular sport in Bolivia and the UK as well as with special education students in the U.S.

Studies have shown a direct link between fondness for soccer and frequent masturbation, which is why Britain excels at wanking.

Soccer fans have inferiority complexes which explains why they have to grossly exaggerate the "skills" required to play soccer (i.e. kicking a ball around and remembering which goal is yours).

Last year, the American WOMEN'S team defeated several European men's teams, which surprised many observers.
Soccer is popular in countries with low per capita GDP and high rates of illiteracy. Soccer is not very popular in Canada and the U.S.
by Jose Pendejo June 23, 2004
1) The sport that, in America, is played by women, children, and homosexuals (Which exsplains why are womens team is 10x better then our mens team) Therfour, In America, it is considered a fag sport.

2) Boring sport. The field is huge. Why does this make it boring? It's so huge that 85% of the time, there not even in scoring distance, which meens 85% of the time isn't even worth watching. Quite honestly I don't find kicking a ball back and forth again and again until they finaly get a chance to score (And theres an 5% chance that they actually will score) The goals are a gimick, and the ONLY thing entertaining in this sport ('Cept maybe a really good dive by a goalkeeper)

3) It was invented by women let women play it! It's wasn't even considered a mans sport until a few years after it was invented

4) The only way to get an injury is to fake an injury. The only thing in soccer I would imagine hurting is getting hit in the face with an elbow (I.E. World Cup 2006, when McBride got clobbered)

5) It's only 90 minutes, while an American football game is 4 hours, Therfour to play Football you have to have more stamina than in soccer.

6) Keep in mind that America plays Soccer and most of Europe dosn't play American Football. Who has a right to judge those sports, the Country that plays both or the country that plays only one?

7) What's the deal with the short-shorts and knee-high socks anyway?

8) If Football as known around the world, IT would be the most popular sport.

9) Do you know why America dosn't like soccer? Because Americans have 4 other sports to watch and play that are ten times better than soccer. Soccer is boring, America knows this because we've played it coutless times, and if it wasn't for the World cup and a 'need" to be in it we could quite playing it. Soccer is a boring game of luck, witch compared to other american sports, very easy to play.
American: Don't you relize that soccer is a game of luck and being in the right place at the right time? Don't you relize that the goals are a gimick to make this awfull sport popular? Don't you relize how boring this sport is?

European: Soccer isn't boring because it's pretty much the best sport that we have. If we had any other American sport than soccer wouldn't be as popular because American Sports are better than European sports.

American: Dosn't that make you ignorant to possibly say that soccer is better than every other American sport when you don't even know any other American sports and judge them on your hatred for America?

European: Yeah, but Soccer is better than football

American: But you havn't even played football

European: Yeah, but... your an American fag...
by Spikesy July 21, 2006
Not a sport, a disease
I got horrible news today, my nephew is playing soccer. Now he is going to become a pussy-ass faggot with a small dick.
by yourmom77666 March 06, 2005
pussy sport that frowns upon any real physical contact. object is to get a ball into giant net with the score usually being 1-0. often thought of as a very physically draining sport by the ones who cant play any other sport cause there mommys dont want them to get hurt. try blocking a 100mph peice of frozen rubber and being checked into boards and hit with sticks and then tell me how draining soccer is.
wow that pussy tripped over his own feet goin for that ball.
by HoCkEyPlaYeR January 15, 2005

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