Chavies all around England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Brazillians enjoy playing this lame ass sport. You wanna real sport, play basketball, or REAL American football.
Chav: Oy mush, you wanna go n' play sum' footy?
Normal person: No, I aint a litle girl!
by Elem July 02, 2005
An excuse for a bunch of immigrant gwats to get all sweaty and competitive by chasing a ball around a field of grass.
Wanna play soccer?
Do i look like a gwat tro you?
by supersheep March 29, 2005
a fun time
"hey joe, did you enjoy that soccer last night at your place. i certainly did, and so did joe jr. in here," said sally
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
some sport
Me and Rainy are gonna watch soccer then fuck.
by Tarr January 18, 2003
A global sport where nothing much happens on the field. The fans are an absolute riot, though.
Given the choice between watching soccer and a colonoscopy, Trevor wisely chose the latter.
by montoro November 17, 2003
Worlds most overrated sport. It's not just america that calls it soccer anyway. In Ireland, we call Gaelic Football, football.
Give me B-ball any day. At least that never ends in a 0-0 draw.
An exciting result for the soccer match.
by Richy December 02, 2003
The act of looking like a complete nancy, often times morons who partake in this "sport" become homosexual.
No wonder you get hit on by other guys, you play Soccer.

This world is fucked up because of all the Soccer players in it.
by Jabroni February 26, 2004
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