Soccer (a.k.a Football, The Beautiful Game) is a sport that has been played in one form or another throughout the world for at least 2000 years. No one has the right to claim it as a sport they invented, neither the British, French, Chinese nor any others. This sport has evolved over the centuries and has adopted characteristics from around the world. The English in the 1800's were the first to create a Football Association, regulating the sport and creating the basis of the "Laws" we know today, they did not invent the sport, the Brit's formalized it. Before anyone comments further on who invented the sport and it's origins please do you research. Start at the official FIFA website, they have a breif history of the sport on their website.
P.S: Soccer is a word invented in England, it is a bastardization on the word "Association Football" to distinguish between Rugby Football (a.k.a Rugger) and Association Football (a.k.a Soccer) on University campus in the 1800's where both sports were played.
To all my English/UK friends ... stop complaining, you invented the word we use today. :-)
Yank: You play Soccer?
Brit: What's Soccer, mate?
Yank: You know it as Football.
Brit: Why do you Yanks call it Soccer.
Yank: I don't know, why did you Brit's invent the word?
by Vince B B October 30, 2007
the best sport in the world!! takes practice and intelligence. the hockey players at my school think it's gay and stupid when really they've mistaken that for themselves. they call me weak cause I play soccer so I kicked one in the shin and they almost started crying, who's weak now? soccer is better than any other sport and to those who think different, gtfo.
hockey kid: soccers gay
soccer kid: I will kick you so hard in the leg and you don't know how to kick back cause you just use a stick
by poopoogirl12345 March 28, 2015
best sport in the whole wide world. obivously. requires A LOT of dedication, practice and skill. American football players call it a "girl" sport because they are to emarrased that they cant play the worlds greatest sport. you have to be fit mentaly and physicaly.Unlike basketball and american football where you stop every time the ball goes out, u play full 90 minutes, with only 3 subs. and dont get me started on baseball. Bunch of guys standing around in tight pants now thats GAY.
soccer player 1: i play soccer
girl: oh you mean the worlds greatest sport?
by soccer18 April 10, 2007
A word used instead of football by idiot Americans
Person 1: Do you like soccer?
Person 2 (From UK): *facepalm*
by Eminemlookalike March 24, 2015
A REAL definition:

A word or nickname for the sport Association Football and to bring about less confusion in other sports: American Football, Australian Rules Football, etc.

Contrary to popular belief "Soccer" was not coined by the Americans, but by the founding fathers of the "current" game and took the root abbreviation from the word AsSOCiation.

It's played on rectangular field called the "pitch" with 10 players and 1 Goalkeeper. Two 45 minutes halves.

The game usually called a "match" involves the use of the feet and or head. Play the ball with your hand or arm is illegal.

Object is to the ball in the opponents goal, goals are worth 1 point. The team with the most points wins the match.

The game allows a minimal amount of contact, though considerably less that American Football.
Let's go watch the US play soccer today in Chicago.
by macky592 July 08, 2011
a form of football played between two teams of 11 players, in which the ball may be advanced by kicking or by bouncing it off any part of the body but the arms and hands, except in the case of the goalkeepers, who may use their hands to catch, carry, throw, or stop the ball.

It seems to me that there are more people bashing people who bash soccer, than there are people who bash soccer on this page.
I dont understand why some people feel the need to compare soccer with American Football. Each sport requires unique skills. Soccer requires alot of stamina, American Football is more Strength/speed oriented. Some people even went as far to say that Soccer players endure more pain, and that the sport is tougher than American Football. I have spoken with many people who have played both sports(some of which liked soccer better) and even they will laugh at the idea that soccer is as tough as Football. Im also pretty sure that most of the 'American Football' bashers have never actually played the game, some of them even point out Americans should not bash soccer untill they have played. In light of the fact that Soccer is the most popular sport in the world i can imagine that a larger percentige of Americans who prefer American Football have actually played both sports than the percentige of Soccer fans who have played (American)football, especially considering the fact that it is more difficult to find a Football(American) league in other countries than it is to find a Soccer league in America. In light of all this i suggest these people look up the definition for hypocrite.

Id also like to adress the people who claim America to be ignorant of other countries sports to look at their own country and see how popular American football is. Because in the United states soccer is a widely played sport, and it is obvious to me that other countries are just as, if not more ignorant to American Football, than America is to soccer.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.
by mike11221 December 20, 2006
Sport in which its diehard fans are completely self-righteous and dilusional. With that aside, soccer is an excellent sport that requires extreme stamina and coordination. Soccer (as with any other sport due to differing skill sets) should not be considered a superior or inferior form of sport.
Soccer fans in the USA front aggrogance about soccer to hide their envy of the NFL's popularity.
by Judas & Frankie Lee December 24, 2009
a very intense sport that involves a lot of skill. people often diss soccer only because they wish that they could play it as good as others. once you play soccer on a team, there is usually no stopping you. i have been playing for 8 years, and i rock at it. it takes a ton of practice outside of the team practices and games, like dribbling it down the street without looking down, and jugging it on your knees for ten minutes straight. after you have accomplished this, then tell me that soccer requires no skill. during a game, you have to dribble down a field between atleast 4 people trying to get at that moment your most prized possesion, keep the ball out of the 18-yard line and shoot pass a goalie without kicking the ball over or beside the net, which means perfect aim. DONT DISS SOCCER
Jill: Wow, she has been playing for 8 years, look at her go!
Jack: yea i know, playing soccer for that long must mean that she has really strong thighs.
Jill: yea, i wish i started when i was 6!
by SoccerfreakLindsay May 14, 2007

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