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Two senior girls who manage a boys' soccer team that are in charge of getting water, washing pinneys, counting the soccer balls, taking statistics, trash talking the other team, eye candy, etc.

Usually flirted with and whistled at by the other team

Also known as a dome squad and their team loves them forever as they tweet about them constantly.

Most often they end up dating/hooking up with the players after the season is over.

The absolute sexiest and most amazing girls in the school.
Midfielder: where's our soccer manager Tess when you need her?
Defense: she's filling water bottles.
Goalie: Damn she fine!

Midfielder: what's our soccer manager Emma doing?
Defense: taking score of the game.
Goalie: Damn she smart!

Emma: Tess i can't wait for the soccer game today!
Tess: me neither! let's wear booty shorts!
Emma: hey did you see Will's tweet about us? We're the dome squad now.
Tess: that's when you know you've made it.

Defense: Oh man, I hooked up with Tess last weekend. Best night of my life!
Midfielder: Nice bro! I hooked up with Emma last weekend. She's so awesome!
Defense: Good thing the season's over bro so we can hook up with the soccer managers now.
Midfielder: Yeah man -- once you go can't go back.
by T-dawg17 February 17, 2012
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