the huge, oddly shaped ass of a person that plays soccer.
normally it sticks out more than it is wide.
"that bitch has a weird ass."
"i know it's such a soccer ass."
by Anonymous JB February 02, 2009
Top Definition
The large behind of a female soccer player. This ass is most often desirable, though not always. Often associated with short soccer shorts.
"Dude, that girl's a sick soccer player."
"Thus, her sick soccer ass."
by Studstudstudder October 16, 2007
the butt of a female soccer player that is usually big and sexy. most guys love this because it gives some cushion during butt sex.

usually comes from lots of running and practices many times a week
"Dude, look at that girls ass! It's amazing!"
"It looks like a soccer ass. She must play a lot of soccer"
by jake da snake18674 November 08, 2008
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