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An underground connotative slang word, used in tabloid magazines. It's origin is said to have surfaced accidentally, and its usage was immediately accepted as the newest 'fantabulous' addition to the modern English language. Defined as a 'manic, pointless obsession with something to the point of hysteric despair and/or empty sympathy', the word is mentioned exclusively by valley girls and those of lower intelligence levels. Easily misused, like the words 'literally' and 'ironic'.
"Like, oh my god, did you hear about the latest Kardashian scandal? It's like, so sobsessive! "

"Oh my god, I so totally did! Kim totally, like, didn't deserve that divorce! Poor girl is my sobsession!"

"I know!! I am, like, sooo totally sobsessed with her, too!"

by Victoria's_Secret May 25, 2012