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A monotonous television drama that is on everyday, five days a week, 52 weeks out of the year. Soap operas are known for their attrocious acting, their unrealistically attractive women who have had 5 or 6 plastic surgeries.

On a soap opera the average age difference between a parent and child is roughly 8 years. (Yes, usually a 40 year old woman on a soap will have a son that is over 30)

On any given soap opera episode there are anywhere from 3-6 different storylines, usually interrelated somehow. Every few years or so, the same episodic material is completely recycled. Soap operas are all about couples seeking to elope because their families are enemies. On most soaps there are between 15-30 characters broken down into 2 or 3 families. Someway the families know each other. Either they are business partners or elsewhere.

A soap opera is a show where you can't go 5 minutes without seeing a tampon commercial.

In every soap, in every scene their is a fireplace in the background and a tote of wine.

A soap opera is a show to watch for people with a lot of time on their hands or don't have a life!!!
Mom: Oh, how wonderful, Ridge is about to propose to Brooke!

Me: What is this the 23rd time?

That's a soap opera
by hatelife677 July 06, 2009
1)Any show that is watched between the hours of 10 am and 2pm that exists so that a woman can sit on a larg sofa, eat yogurt, lemon cookies, and icecream, relax. Typically are in a bad mood close to 3pm when they know the kids are coming home.
2) Any show that airs during the morning, early afternoon hours that is characterized by bad acting, a huge amount of airtime dedicated to crying, and bad lines that would never be said in real life.
' She was on the couch all day today..'
'yeah, it's those damn soap operas'
by Laety April 19, 2006
A type of show that gets addicting overtime.
Soap opera:

Sarah: "Oh John, please don't leave me!"

John: " I'm so sorry Sarah, I love Katie more and my love for you is becoming weak. I'm sorry"

Sarah: *Sobs*
by CarlosX December 26, 2005
an incredibly boring daytime TV show which women like watching.
Joe: My mom watches soap operas during the day.

Mike: Maybe she's got nothing better to do and maybe she's really bored.
by funny fella January 15, 2014
1.A kind of show that is very depressing and that is very sexually dramatizing. There is no shagging, no nudity, there worst than reality TV.

2.A kind of show that is worse than Jerry Springer and gayer than crossing over.
General Hospital sucks! As the World Turns reaks of death! All my Children sucks ass! The Young and the Restless is Roc Hudson gay! All soapoperas must and needs to be cancelled and taken off the air on CBS, ABC, and NBC pemantantlly.
by Super Trouper October 19, 2003
Something everyone would want to happen in his \ her life once in a while, but it never happens ...
Some soap operas are a lot worse than some brands of soap ...
by Silent Bastard August 16, 2011