Same Old Shit Another Day
(When someone constantly complains about the same things frequently)
Joe was SOSAD again its getting old fast

When someone trolls a forum constantly complaining they are SOSAD they need to get a life.

Off to the grind at work again SOSAD.

Another Friday night out and its always SOSAD.

My life is getting SOSAD I need to make a change fast.
#complaining #bitching #routine happening #rut #change #dull
by _Mayhem_ February 22, 2010
Top Definition
Sam old stuff another day
If you ask me what I think about the latest political speeches I would have to say So Sad.
#sad #boring #repetitive #bull #crap
by Randy Fitzwater August 15, 2007
a lame excuse that has been used frequently to give someone the brush off; from the acronym same old song and dance
I've heard your lame ass excuses before. Don't be giving me the sosad, brutha.
#runaround #evasion #excuse #delay #avoid
by jeffisgod June 20, 2014
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