A phrase intended to promote the acceptability of queerness, while concurrently serving to counter the blatant homophobia framing the term "no homo". The actual sexual orientation of the person who uses the term is irrelevant, as its use is to affirm the "OK'ness" of "homo" (as opposed to affirming one's own identification as a "homo"). The term is used in all verbal arrangements in which one would use the term, "no homo".
Person 1: Sarah, let's eat out tonight... so homo.
Person 2: I'm down if we go to a good mexican restaraunt.

Person 1: I love McNabb, so homo... because he's a great quarter backs and he's got some class and tact.
Person 2: That's cool but, personally, I'm wanting to see what happens with Vic.

Person 1: Fuck you dude, you can just suck my dick... so homo. No more comments about what happened between me and Sarah.
Person 2: Alright, alright... I was just playing around.
by omniandros March 03, 2010
Top Definition
1. A counter the the term no homo.
Your same sex friend slaps you on the ass proclaiming
"NO HOMO!". You turn to him and say "So Homo," while nodding your head in disappointment at your friends gayness.
by Commander13 July 18, 2008
Said right after someone says 'no homo' to further imply their homosexuality.
-Guy 1 hugs Guy 2-
Guy 1: No homo, man.
Guy 2: Dude, so homo.
by LeMap November 11, 2010
the act of being more gay then a jimmy
girlll, he's totally sohomo
by purexaos June 22, 2010

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