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being "so city" implies knowing absolutely EVERYTHING about the city. walking with swagga, with yo indie beanie, guitar case, and denim backpack are all great indications that you are in fact, sooo city. most city kids prefer to spend their time chilling on giant rocks in central park, where they are often asked by other city kids if they have a light. true city kids decline this request, and continue jamming out to "somewhere only when know" by keane, along with other indie bands such as death cab for cutie. they often spend there days in penn station, either hopping trains or trying to catch buses at port authority. city kids are often rejected by cab drivers, cause they are just TOO city to handle. however,once in a while, city kids encounter a cab driver who offers them a free ride, all because he realizes their true city-ness. city kids rock the streets... too bad they are often not from the city. city kids enjoy food, and can often be found eating at jackson hole...not wyoming.
the other day, the 3 best friends plus the other 2 best friends spent the day being so city.

damn, i luuuvvv being so city.
by 2city2function December 22, 2010
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