So Solid crew: is the group that make the music
So Solid Family: is the friends and family of the gruop that make the music
I got 21 sec to go ........
by Princess Bitch November 06, 2004
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1. A band with more members than collected brain cells, So Solid specialise in banal, derivative, and hectic garage. Lyrically, though, they're just a bunch of Romford chavs pretending to be West Coast bad-boys, rapping about money, gats, and hoes like you'd think it had never been done before. As far as garage acts go, this lot should have been left in the garage with the engine turned on. They wrote a song called 21 Seconds, in which each of the 10,000 members had to talk bollocks really quickly for 21 seconds, one after the other, otherwise the single would have lasted for at least 2 hours...

2. I just remembered, So Solid are the band with more members in prison than any other band in the country. Which is where the bastards belong...
"We're So Solid, we're hectic, massive, phat beats, bling! bling! gats, bitches, champagne, crack, cash, innit, innit, innit!!!
by SoSoiledCrew April 25, 2004
Possibly the only mainstream hip hop group to have an obvious and unintended grammar error in a song title.
Yes, the SSC have a song called "Your Lying". I can't believe it.
by supaDISC April 08, 2005
guys who only got 21seconds to get papers
by DNA May 14, 2003
a bunch of gansta rappers who know they suck pole. White boy, surburban pole.
the so solid crew made that priest's cock SO SOLID.
by Durango May 13, 2003
Has 56,893,892,859,847 members
Man and I thought S-Club Juniors and Blazing Squad were overcrowded and shite. This is even more overcrowded and shittier
by Mister Ignorant March 29, 2004
a group of people who pretend theyre from battersea but really from sussex
by Anonymous October 10, 2003

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