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"so ivana" is a multi-usage phrase to describe something awesome, sophisticated, and cool.

in fashion, "so ivana" means something is trendy or chic.
in social life, a party could be "so ivana" or people can be "so ivana"
meals that are delicious can be "so ivana"
even your pets can be "so ivana" provided they exemplify awesomeness.

The negation of this phrase is simply to stick a "not" after the "so." so something could be "so not ivana" meaning it lacks in the awesome department or is dull.

Origins of the phrase seem to have come from Paris to describe fashion however that is mere speculation.
person A: that movie was great!

person B: yeah it was so ivana.

person A: so ivana

person B: so so SO ivana!


those jeggings are so not ivana!
by soIvana October 12, 2011
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