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1)A condition experienced when your underwear rides up the crack of you ass. Giving someone a snuggie by pulling on the waistband of their underwear is a favorite schoolyard prank of latent homosexuals posing as bullys.

2) A blanket with arms sold on TV by morons that didn't know they were basically calling their product a wedgie. The names they rejected were the hot carl, the Cleveland steamer, and the Alabama hot pocket.
"Hey man this commercial just told me to give my grandmother a snuggie for christmas"
"Yeah then you can give your dad a Cincinatti bowtie. "
by magila March 06, 2009
A blanket with sleeves! Who would have thought of such a thing? Really though, it's just a robe worn backwards, but if you wear a robe backwards, you're not actually wearing a snuggie. You can wear these to sporting events, grocery stores, out at campfires, and where ever else you can be made fun of at.
The Snuggie: it's a blanket with sleeves! Or, you could just put on a jacket.
by Zeus, The Almighty Ruler December 26, 2008
a cultish KKK looking robe that one wears to spoting events. Claims to keep you warm when really, it makes you all-powerful and godlike.
with our snuggies, we can eat snacks, play games, and sacrifice virgins while staying snuggly-warm!
by ChubbsMcgheeTheDuck December 26, 2008
The creepy looking Monk robe thing that 'fits all' which doesn't make sense because how does a fatass 45 year old man's robe fit that of a 4 year old girl?
You can wear them to keep warm, yet the entire back is open?
"I bought that snuggie 'cos the tv told me to and now I look like a creepy priest and my back is cold as hell."
by Danielle Danielle January 09, 2009
A ridiculous, and not-so-new invention that claims to be a "blanket with sleeves that keeps you warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands".
The "one size fits all" idea is impractical, and your hands and arms get lost in the giant wizard sleeves.
Don't bother walking around because your back will be exposed and you won't be so warm. The Snuggie is not so snug.
Person 1:
Hey, are you wearing a Snuggie, that new blanket with sleeves?

Person 2:
No, I just decided to wear my robe backwards. Same thing, it's not new.
by MTF February 12, 2009
The blanket that makes monks want to punch you in the face for jocking their wardrobe. It will ruin your sex life.
"Dude, I bought one of them snuggie jawnts, and I haven't gotten laid, and I look like a retarded monk".

by spankbearx69 April 06, 2009
A pedophiles uniform.
Attention all cars: Be on the lookout for anyone in a snuggie. Consider extemely pervish.
by Colin P C. November 10, 2009