A movie where someone is legitimately killed. So far no one has produced evidence that these actually exist. On at least 2 instances, separate serial killers filmed themselves torturing and/or raping their victims; however, the killings were not filmed. There are also movies (such as "Faces of Death") where death scenes are filmed, but only after the victims died.

So to answer any questions, there are no movies in existence that show a human being actually being killed.
Think about it. If you commit a murder would you be so stupid as to leave behind a film or video as evidence?!
by Bozz Hawg March 26, 2004
Top Definition
A tape where the planned killing; murder of someone is recorded.
There have been evidence of snuff films, there was a huge Russian based child-porn ring/website broken up a few years ago called "Wonderland." Where for the right price they would kill the kid and film it, and the perv would watch it. The police have evidence of these digital tapes, and part of one was shown on an Italian news broadcast!

BTW you contridicted yourself when you said "...Some serial killes have recored themsleves torturing and killing, but these crimes were not filmed(???)..." And what the fuck is a legitimate murder?
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
Films in which participants are truly, psychically murdered, killed, or mutilated on camera.
The film "8mm" with Nicholas Cage revolved around a suspected snuff film.
by Bowman June 16, 2002
A film where the actual killing, "snuffing" of the main actor is recorded. The only ideal movie for some people to be in.
You know I think that J Lo would look great in a Snuff Film, she sure looks like shit in everything else.
by K Hi May 30, 2003
A pornographic film that shows an actual murder.
Debra was desperate for money so agreed to do porn, but it ended up being a snuff film because they killed her on camera at the end of the shoot.
by MrscienceMD July 15, 2015
Correction, some military executions have beenrecorded. Has no one ever seen videos of S.S. being hung at Nuremberg?
Nazis and snuff films, they love it.
by Goblin Raindancer September 26, 2005
A snuff film is a myth...

A snuff film is a film in which someone is killed for other peoples pleasure, not the killer's.

Faces of death is in the "mondo" catergory. Executions arn't snuff films, they are execution tapes.

BTW, of course there has been footage of real killings (to the guy who said there isn't)Nick Berg? Dan Pearl? The Columbine Massacre?
"August Underground isn't snuff, but it's a great film"

8mm is a film about snuff
by The mackem July 11, 2004
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