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A state of mental pleasure caused by past, present or future experiences with skis or board - never blades.
Sam daydreamed about his ski trip last weekend, and a snowner ensued.

Mary got a snowner just thinking about the next time she would get to the mountains.
by ladywithabeard1 March 03, 2011
2 1
A state of extreme excitement and pleasure stimulated by mass snow fall.
Jim: They say it's gonna snow 20 inches by tonight.
Johnny: Snowner achieved.
by lollerskatin18 December 26, 2010
11 2
When you have an erection from pure excitement to ski with your friends at boyne.
I have a snowner for this weekends ski trip.
by Jshiff64 December 31, 2013
0 0
An erection caused by snow. Often times snowboarders and other snow enthusiasts can get them from seeing, being out in, or even hearing of a snow storm.
"Oh my got bro look out the window and take in all the snow were getting i can't wait to got shred the gnar. I have a snowner just thinking about it."
by ShooterMcGavin#1 December 25, 2009
2 2
noun- snow-ner: The figurative boner one who participates in snow sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, gets before, during, and/or after a large snowstorm.
Dude, all this fresh pow-pow is giving me a huge snowner.
by ajBarber December 09, 2007
3 6
The boner a weatherman gets when breaking news hits of a snowstorm. Usually seen in states that don't get more than an inch or two of snow.
Weatherman Bill is sportin a serious snowner talking about the 8 inches we are getting tonight.
by thruths70 February 07, 2010
0 4