The act of having anal sex, ejaculating into the recievers bum, then having the cum transfered to the face of the giver by a juicy fart.
Devin pounded the hot blondes butt until he unloaded a large amount of jizz, as he layed down to rest she moved her ass to his mouth as if to get a rim job and returned the gift she was given all over his face with a booming fart, completing the Snowblower.
by MADMAN/DWELLS July 17, 2008
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When a girl gives a guy head and the guy will cum in her mouth, then the girl holds it in her mouth, then spitting the cum held in her mouth all over the guys face.
Man: SHIT! you just pulled a snowblower all over my face!
by Jake Becker November 15, 2005
A term for someone who does cocaine. see cokehead orsnowman.
That guy keeps sniffing, he must be a snowblower.
by Blind_assassin September 27, 2005
An insult from one robot to another. As seen in Short Circuit.
Johnny 5: Your mother was a snow blower.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance February 03, 2004
french kissing a guy w/ his cum in yer mouth
yeah, i gave my guy a snow blower last night and he didn't like it
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
When a girl gives head then kisses you with the skeet still in her mouth
Your mother is a snowblower
by Ziggbert February 22, 2005
When erect, talk a man or woman into doing a line of cocaine off of your penis. When they are just about to do it, pull your erection down,and the springing back motion will blow all the cocaine in their face.thus creating the snow blower!

may also be known as the white christmas.
Yeah the bitch said she needed her driveway plowed,and i told her id bring over my Snow Blower!
by CKrocks October 28, 2010
When a girl is done giving a guy head she spits the gizz into the guys face.
Dan got really mad when kiersten gave him a snow blower
by lou January 02, 2003

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