Blowjob given to a guy by a girl named Snowy
Snowy gave him a 'snowjob' last night
by kat432 July 30, 2008
When someone is down in the snow and you kick snow in their face.
Mark's Mom: So, Mark, how was your day at school?

Mark: Well, it was pretty good, except when Michael gave me a snow job at recess.
by Mike "White Man" Jaworski April 28, 2006
To beat someone down in the use of snowballs, kicking snow, ramming face into snow, putting snow down clothes(into hat/hair), making someone slip/fall in snow...a couple punches thrown in (not a fight in snow)

one way to trip some1 is to have someone else kneel behind the target while someone pushes the target over, this could be a setup against the person kneeled down, cuz he could become the victim of the snowjob because he is already on the floor.

-usually done to a friend(in fun)...or someone trying to act tough(still fun)
-it takes atleast 1 person to thrown them down into the snow, once that is done, about 5-20 people will help with the snowjob!
-when done to more than one person, it requires planning, and role-playing

"Yo lets snowjob him"

either whispered, or said loud in excitement...during planning
by Loveshot September 13, 2005
When a fellacious female friend is in the act of love making with the mouth, whilst filled mouth with snoweth.
also see silver balls
Ow I got blue balls from that last snow job that one bitch gave me.

silver ballsss, silver balllss, its christmas time in my girlfriends mouth. SKEET
by Mike Chrobak April 28, 2006
n. To give a snow job is to physically throw someone face first in deep snow or a snow bank on purpose, such that their entire face and/or head is buried. Most oftend done by children in playground, or college pranksters.

Not commonly used as a verb in this way
Person 1 "Come here you bitch" (Person 1 then throws person 2 in the sonw face first, laughing)

Person 1 "Snow Job!!"
by G.H. Hadden May 04, 2005
a means of exterminating someone in a professional manner as a contract killer (a.k.a, putting them on "ice", killing them in "cold blood")
So, this little snow job would cost us $1,000? Remember, this guy is not allowed to testify.
by Joseph Kielbasa June 02, 2003
It's when a girl gives a lad a blow job and she gets cum all over her face and chest and it "covered in snow".
dis bitch was blowin me hard n all of a sudden it snowed on er !!
by Cassie March 24, 2005

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