The 2001 tuck rule shenanigans that overturned a Tom Brady fumble and allowed the Patriots to force the game to overtime, and eventually win.

The Raiders should have gone to the superbowl that year.
The snow job was the most gut wrenching officiating decision in playoff history.
by hiddenattacker September 22, 2010
When a guy buries a girl in a snow bank leaving only her mouth uncovered and proceeds to face fuck her or in other words, receive a blowjob.
Hey man that was some snow storm we got!

I know! I took my girl out side last night and she gave me a snow job! I splooged all over her face and it froze!
by Hot Dog 14 October 24, 2013
When one dashing Jon Snow gives his lovely lady a downstairs kiss which gets talked about for several episodes ;)
'Oh please darling can I have another snow job tonight?'
by jonsnowwhatababe May 06, 2013
the act of giving your partner head in public and right before you blow your load your jam your dick in snow and put it back in there mouth and shoot all inside her mouth
wnedall: look at that honey the neighbour is giving his girl a snow job
*the neighbour waves and smiles*
by TextileSmartass November 17, 2014
Ejaculating into snow and form this snow into a snowball and use it to hit someone in the face
Nick pissed me off so i when we went outside i gave him with a snow job.
by Race God March 30, 2011
When a female gives a male a blowjob, but seconds before commencing, she puts snow/ ice cubes in her mouth. This feels weird for both participants, since the freezing sensation can cause temporary numbness in curtain spots. Enjoy.
That snowjob last night almost made my dick freeze off man.
by Yotam F October 12, 2007
When a someone puts his or her hand in the snow until it becomes numb, then proceeds to masterbate.
I gave myself a snowjob for Christmas
by batmandan41 June 04, 2010

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