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The risky work-avoiding game one plays on the night before a possible snow day at work, school, etc.
Billy: Hey Rick, finished that lab report yet?

Rick: Nah, I'm gonna play some snowday roulette tonight. You know we're supposed to get five inches tomorrow?
by JetTripleSeven January 31, 2011
A dangerous game of chance in which a student chooses not to do any of his homework, counting on the next day of school being a snow day.

The term comes from Russian Roulette.
"Dude you got the math homework?"

"Dude...it's snowing out...I'm playin snow day roulette, baby."
by Andy Hall February 28, 2005
When a college student or young adult gets drunk in hopes that their school will be canceled based on a snow day.
The forecast calls for 4 inches of snow, let's play snow day roulette in hopes that class is canceled tomorrow and get drunk!
by TissyC March 31, 2011