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A football game played in the snow. Very entertaining for fans of teams that are used to playing in the snow seeing their team kick the ass of a team that is not used to playing in the snow.
Oh My God the Patriots are kicking the Dolphins ass in this snow bowl
by dadiva18 December 12, 2010
a bowl of weed with any sort of white powder sprinkled on top, usually cocaine or molly.
Bro 1: Dude you look wired, what's up with that?
Bro 2: Well I was just planning on smoking some weed, but it turned out to be a snow bowl.
by ashleylunaa November 22, 2011
A bowl of marijuana smoked in the privacy provided by a coating of snow over one's car. Good alternative to a country drive.
If youre about out of gas and your car is covered in snow, it must be just about time for you to rock a snow bowl.
by Deeter November 29, 2004