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When a guy shoots a line of jizz on the mirror and the chick snorts it.
I made my girl snow blow two lines last night, epic.
by biffboy6000 December 10, 2009
34 81
When u give sumone head, n then cum in yo mouth n then ya'll make out.
"Man she gave me a snowblow last nite"
by yo mom January 15, 2003
50 100
When a girl gives a guy a blow job with crushed ice in her mouth.
Ashley snow blowed Cameron last night.
by Cutie June 11, 2003
78 154
when a guy cums in a chicks mouth and then the bitch makes out with him...nasty shit..thats what it is...
That bitch just fuckin snowblowed me.
by Alyssa June 14, 2003
62 140