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A white female who tends to prefer black males and/or characteristics. Sometimes these women may partially use a black male as a fashion statement, and in other situations they simply may be attracted only to black males. They can sometimes be characterized by bad, unnatural overused slang, and at times can be very game goofy. Other characteristic include exclusive taste in gangsta rap and/or slow jamz, low cut hair styles which sometimes resembles the tail of a turkey (intended to immitate african american females), and large hoop earrings or noserings. They can be found in groups of 2-3 at any location where hen & cokes are served. It is very common for a snowturkey to have mixed offspring, whos hair is not properly cared for. This term may or not may not be derrogitory, depending on what manner it is said in. Other variations include: rice turkey, bean turkey, man turkey and the opposite: hockey puck
friend 1: Does she got a man?
friend 2: naw, but shes a snow turkey

Friend 1: lets go to that one club, we went to last weekend...
Friend 2: hell no, their aint nothin but hoodrats & snow turkeys at that spot
by JewfromI.F.C September 10, 2006
An older woman (generally 60+, hence the snow definition) that has had plastic surgery and has a cat like face. Unfortunately even though the surgery makes her look younger the Turkey wattle around the neck cannot be removed. Cougar to Snow Turkey!
Barbara Walters is a classic Snow Turkey
by So Rong So Rite October 11, 2011
A female with an attractive face who appears to be beautiful only until the clothes come off. Snow turkeys are typically found in cold climates where they often cannot explore the outdoors to keep active due to winter climates and instead stay inside watching TV and eating lots of cheeze wizz and cookie dough.
Guys, i took home this broad last night only to realize when she took off her clothes that she was a snow turkey born in north dakota.
by Donque fucker November 12, 2008
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