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When the populace's fear of a snowstorm creates traffic jams and general panic way before any flakes even fall. Usually turns out to be a totally disproportionate response to a minor snowstorm.
Everyone is fleeing the office thanks to snow hysteria...but it isn't supposed to start snowing until 9 PM.
by Alpine McGregor December 20, 2008
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The insanity that occurs in the general public when frozen flake-shaped water is predicted to fall from the sky. Normally, the correct response when hearing about snow is to drive immediately to your nearest grocery store and buy 400 gallons of water and enough milk, bread, and eggs to feed a small sovereign nation, because obviously 1/4 inch of snow equals the next 100,0000-year-long ice age, and obviously with the glaciers ringing your doorbell, you won't be able to go anywhere!

Snow hysteria is a common occurence in Texas; has been known to be spotted elsewhere (New Jersey & Pennsylvania specifically).
Person 1: Jesus, why does this supermarket look like Times Square on NYE?
Person 2: Oh, they predicted 1/4 inch of snow, thus the snow hysteria.
by lancelot323 January 03, 2009
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