stuff that comes out of you nose while choking on a big bong hit. Used as a quantifier for the size of a healthy bong hit.
Here ya go dude... that'll make ya blow snot bubbles
by Drgizmo October 10, 2010
Top Definition
Football terminology. The result of a hit so vicious that the recipient has snot bubbles coming out of their nose. (The Boz was the first to bring this term to life)
Defensive end Bubba Smith blind-sided Joe Namath so hard on that sack he had snot bubbles. (no need to say coming out of his nose because where else would they be?)
by Travis November 01, 2004
To whine or snivel excessively.
I don't want to hear you snot-bubble any more about not stopping for ice cream.
by Zorgo303 September 28, 2009
if one has a cold and lots of snot and is then told an incredibly funny joke, they may laugh so much that they snort out on to their face, a huge bubble of snot.
jesus! i've heard of blowing bubbles but that is,that is, that is bloody disgusting!!!
by siwann November 12, 2003
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