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"A wet-willy to the nostril."

Licking one's finger and then inserting up another's nose, preferably a stuffy/runny one.
"I couldn't retaliate with a wet-willy, she was too good at blocking her ears, so I got her with a snostril."
by C2P November 20, 2009
(n) snot and nostril combined to explain a stuffy nose when only one nostril is stuffy or only one nostril has boogers in it.
I woke up this morning with a snostril
by Bigbird11 October 19, 2010
A snotty nostril; when the nose is so runny that the runs and the nose are virtually inseparable.
"Dude, give that dirty snostril a tissue...before my couch is punished with your booger warfare."
by m-cat-whodat? August 21, 2009
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