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The act of multiple people snoring while asleep. mainly in a loud and annoying fashion.
"Geeze, did u here bob and joe last night, it was a snorkestra in there!"

"That orchestra was so horrible that they could have been confused with a snorkestra"
by Travis conklin August 26, 2007
When you go on those odd snorkeling tours in tropic places and theres a lot of people snorkeling in one area. You can hear all the strange breathing all around you, making a harmonic sound with the water in your ears. It gets pretty loud, and is usually characterized by the awkwardness of hearing a snorkeling noise getting louder, then bumping into a hot chick or ugly old lady clad in a bikini that you don't know.
I'd normally go on those cool snorkeling tours but those I'm tired of those annoying Snorkestra symphonies.
by Currybeans August 23, 2008