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The covering up of an erection by tucking it into the waist band of your trousers, sometimes the tip of the snorkle (purple helmet) is revealed when a person raises there arms and the t-shirt rises. Snorkeling is mostly used by by secondary school children trying to hide an erection of their class crush.
The new science teacher is so hot, snorkeling was the only option to walk across the classroom without my trouser bulge being spotted.
by Taff Davies March 03, 2010
the act of getting your dick sucked in a hot tub.
Oh shit, Krista is under the water sucking Girvans dick in the hot tub. Damb that bitch is snorkeling hard core!
by Jeff, steph, nikki, jill January 15, 2009
While receiving a blow job from your partner, you plug their nose at the time of orgasm, cutting off their air supply, causing a gargle affect on your cum.
I go snorkeling six times a week.
by Tyler December 14, 2003
The act of completely penetrating ones head into another rectal cavity breathing through straws inserted in the nose
I went snorkeling in my boyfriends asshole and found a lot of interesting stuff
by Assbeggea696969 January 11, 2003
to completely inserting ones head into anothers rectal cavity breathing with straws stuck up the nose
Travis likes to snorkel with Justin every Tuesday and Thursday and as a result there assholes are very loose.
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
Completely penetrating ones head into anothers anal cavity and breathing by putting two straws in your nose
Ryan do u want to go snorkeling
Sure lets do it at my house
by Assbeggea696969 January 11, 2003
When one person grabs a guys foreskin and pulls it tight and then blows into it quickly. This act pushes air under the skin so it is blown up quickly like a balloon.
Called snorkeling as air can get into the blood stream and give you a dizzy spell.
"I got the bends last night after my girlfriend went snorkeling"
by KlaytonG October 03, 2007