A wet dream
"dude it was so awkward, i slept over her house and had a snoregasm last night"
by BigBunz September 15, 2009
The condition of waking up and realzing you've had an orgasm in your sleep.
I had the most intense snoregasm last night!
by Davezilla November 14, 2006
When you're a weird ass fucker and someone snoring gives you an orgasm
Person1: Dude you hear that?
Person2:*orgasm* hell yeah I do
Person1:You sick shit, every time!!!
Person3: every time he hears your dad sleeping he has a snoregasm
by miniman247 February 17, 2014
Similar to the "wet dream", or nocturnal emission, the "snoregasm" is a mid-nights occurrence that causes THE magnacarta of pleasurable feelings. *NOTE* she might be faking.
Mike: "I think Kathy might have faked it."
Ned: "What makes you think that?"
Mike: "She was asleep."
Ned: "So you think she had a snoregasm?"
Mike: "What?"
by GRATZD February 01, 2011
the act of having an orgasm while one is sleeping
She just had a snoregasm!
The act of giving an orgasm to someone, without their waking up. Or, the ability to have someone give you an orgasms while you are fully, or partially asleep.

Can also be used to define the occasion of having sex so boring, that you've had an orgasm, but didn't notice.
Upon waking up "whoa, I must have had a snoregasm".
by mobiusflu May 04, 2009
A snoregasm (pronounced as spelt) is when your brain gets so bored it gives you an orgasm just to liven things up a bit.
Tom: I was so bored in that lecture.I ended up having a snoregasm. When I opened my eyes everyone was looking at me.

Jerry: Bummer.
by samtheface April 04, 2009

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