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A person afflicted by the condition of having no control over the urge to repeatedly hit the snooze button on the alarm clock.

Common signs and symptoms include:
starry eyed gaze, sleep talking, day dreaming, drooling, constantly talking about bat shit crazy ass dreams of all sorts, wearing miss matched socks, unparalleled artistic sense and intuition, annoyed roommates, ability to get ready for work in three minutes time in which it would take a normal person thirty, bed head of the dead, pillow marks and blanket lines covering face and arms, unable to make complete sentences in the morning, and having them tell you "just five more minutes,... I swear, really...yeah"
person 1: "I hit the snooze button 32 times this morning. That blows my record of 25 out of the water!"
person 2: "Sounds like you might have a problem, like you're turning into a snoozophile or something."
person 1: "Yeah, but I had a dream that I was flying through the air, and I was on fire, but it didn't hurt or anything, it was SOOOOOO cool!"
by BigBankHank February 06, 2014
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