Whenever Jayroy and I are in the mood for Cocaine we ask the question, "Snootles?" in an English accent.
by Krizzles May 26, 2009
Top Definition
A word we have been using for over 30 years meaning to rub ones noses together as a greeting or friendly jesture. A jesture of affection.
It can be applied to lovers or used to describe rubbing ones face into the face of a pet - a close and understanding pet. The word snoot is a variation of snout and so to snootle is to rub snouts. He/she got snootled.
by Phil239 July 09, 2009
"Snootle" is a word which describes being great, excellent and awesomeness. This word is quite new but it is around, just emerging now.
This is how it would be used in context.

"Hey man how's it going?"
"Mate, I'm totally snootle!"


"Wow you're good at this video game"
"Yeah man I'm totally snootle at it"
by bobby jones jackson March 27, 2009
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