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a term for the mating habbits of amazonian warrior women.
"Me like snoosnoo"
by your name February 08, 2004
75 30
The term used by the Amazon women in the Futurama episode "3ACV01 - Amazon Women In The Mood" to describe the act of copulation.
Is Paris still snoo-snooing Milsie?
by Adam Champion November 20, 2003
1004 94
A word coined by the television show Futurama, by the Amazon women. It means the act of copulation.
In Futurama, the Amazon women's corporal punishment was "death by Snoo Snoo."
by Calvin Hobbes September 15, 2006
509 150
The act of having sex, making love or just plain fuckin'! Taken from the cartoon series Futurama.
I saw Tina having snoo snoo!
by D-Rosa December 01, 2006
282 146
The most wonderful and most painful thing any man or man-bot can endure, because its by a 10 foot strong woman that carries clubs around and has very poor grammar.
"Me want snoo snoo" "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is bruised and bloody"
by Derek of March 17, 2005
76 33
(v)1.A way to comunicate to your partner that you want to go sneak somewhere private to have sex. Normally used in front of your parents or grandparents in normal everyday conversation so they don't understand your true intentions of the word. Thus confuseing them and they look at you like your crazy but it's right under there noses.

2. Amazonian language from futurama word to initiate sex.
3.To make Fuck.

Can also be followed with guzunga which means I want to touch your tities. (from the movie Encino Man) And or Ugh which is caveman languange for fuck.
Sentence:Snoo snoo guzunga ugh snoo snoo.

Translation: I want to have sex and touch your titties. Fuck I wanna fuck.
by dotdot650 February 21, 2013
14 2
i had some aswome snoo snoo last night
by japinto fenix June 17, 2009
55 75