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4'9" umpalumpa on Jersey Shore best known for being punched in the face.
Snookie is so short she often requires a boost to get her heels on.
by Rick Stone December 14, 2009
Noun: The male genitalia
Bill: So he grabbed your snookie?!
Jimmy: Yeah. No means No!
Tyler: And that's why Jimmy beat up a gay guy
by StTough May 16, 2010
pet name for a lover or bf/gf.
He is my snookie! or I love you, Snookie, Muah!
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
A piece of mucus in or from the nose, more commonly called a booger.
Don't wipe your snookies on the wall.
by Hannah Chris October 14, 2008
Snackin' while you dookie, yo!
Eatin' pie while your on the John droppin' off junk. Snookie...nuf said!
by Flatopian Poobe February 28, 2009
It means absolutely nothing but it is fun to say.
Koby ran by and yelled "SNOOKIE" for no damn reason!
by EvilAng January 30, 2004
a 20 yr old teen basically, driving a scion, loves to party. gay in most occasions.
i just saw snookie in her car on i75.
by justmemememe August 14, 2008
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