snoodle the removal of a mans' ejaculated DNA from the bung hole it was deposited into by means of a straw. Usually a human bung hole, but animals have been "used" also; often based on permission and availabilty, among other things.

The person removing said male DNA is known as the snoodler, and may/may not be the source of nut-nectar. snoodling is the act of one or more individuals slurping adult male sperm deposits deeply located within another subjects' rectum, beyond the sphyncter.
"Victors' boyfriend left him because he never wanted to snoodle".

"I only like Bubba to pound my ass when Dixie is the snoodler, otherwise I don't get off as much."

Surgeon Generals' Warning: Gangbanging and Snoodling can be dangerous to your health.
by noturdaddy December 07, 2010
The act of cuddling or spooning with a significant other.
I don't like it when my sister snoodles with her creepy boyfriend.
by Melissa Archer March 05, 2006
The act of blowing up the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis like a balloon.
KD liked to snoodle her uncut bf's unit.
by Kingsize March 09, 2006
The Act of rubbing together Homosexual Male genitalia; The rubbing together of two or more penises
The Gay Lovers Were Snoodling at the Rest Stop
by Brian Eshelbrenner October 04, 2002
Snoodle: adjective, used to describe a person who is very good in bed with the opposite sex .

Snoodled, to engage in sexual activity with the opposite sex and make them scream with pleasure and delight while reaching maximum climax.
I bet that boy is a snoodle.

He snoodled me all night long.
by Snoodle's Wife April 18, 2005
the act of cumming in the anus of your partner and then presumably taking a straw and sucking the semen out of it, but before doing so one must exclaim in a childish high pitch voice, "Snoodle!".
"I heard Mike snoodled Heather last night."
"Dude thats raunchy!"
by Yessev Nayr January 22, 2007
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