To snuggle with someone intensely.
"I caught Jim and Pam snogging on the couch."
"Don't snog in a theater please."
by thebluffer November 03, 2011
Champagne (Sweet Nectar Of the Gods)
We will ring in the New Year with a toast and a glass of snog.
by KCans December 20, 2009
A fat girl that dresses like a slut; wears clothes 2 sizes too small and has her unmentionables showing.
I got so drunk last night I picked up a Snog. She almost broke the bed.
by miggelzworth October 05, 2010
A word originating in London, England.
Meaning KISS.
Hopefully nothing more.
Lisa, you have GOT to stop snogging every guy you see...
You might catch something!
by blackblondie13 October 11, 2005
An acronym meaning "Sexy, nice, omniscient guy/girl"

omniscient meaning all knowing
you snog
you''re such a snog
by Feraltastic March 09, 2009
A Snog is when a girl (or guy depending on your taste) is giving you a rim job and in the middle she stops, grabs a funnel and some eggnog and starts to pour it into your asshole. When she is done you rip a giant fart spraying the eggnog and whatever else onto her face.
Man i want a snog!then you can have 1!!!!
by aaron and philip January 19, 2007
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