Literally, to kiss (British slang).

Often includes activities that would be included in "making out", e.g., necking.

One wag defined it as "anything you can do with a married woman in her husband's presence." (This assumes a 'monogamous' marriage rather than an "open" one.)
Literal sense: Ginny just grabbed me, dragged me into a broom closet, and snogged the life out of me.

More general: Helen and Joe were sitting on the couch, snogging. She left lipstick all over him from the collar up. I swear his hands were inches from her tits. And Fred (Helen's husband) just sat there, watching the game on TV, completely ignoring it.
by s%mebody January 17, 2012
To make out heavily.
"Look at those two in the back of the club snogging."
by doctor_evil_69 February 25, 2003
the love child of a Snake and a Dog, thus making a SNOG.

has been known to have a 50% chance of developing down's syndrome.

Are known to be invisable.

warning: highly alergic to shots. If death occures should be cremated as soon as possible (dont forget the coins for the ferryman which MUST be shoved into eyes.
... snog.
by Kpalfanclub! December 12, 2010
A British brand of Frozen Yoghurt in South Kensington. Name is meant to be a joke so when you say, 'I'm going to have a Snog with Bob', they think you mean you are going to make-out with Bob. Slogan is 'Snogging is better than ice cream', 'Guilt free snog', etc.
'I had an AMAZING Snog yesterday.'
'Who with?'
'You're gay?!'
'Frozen yoghurt, babe, frozen yoghurt...'
by Alsy April 27, 2010
n. Snacks
Say you and yoga pants are mid-snogging and hunger occurs. "Let's get some snogs."
by ahblahblah December 05, 2012
(verb) (American slang)to punch someone in the nose, so as to impair the nasal cavity.
I totally snogged Sananna and Mr. Nice guy. They've been talking funny ever since.
by Kthulu August 15, 2010
To snuggle with someone intensely.
"I caught Jim and Pam snogging on the couch."
"Don't snog in a theater please."
by thebluffer November 03, 2011

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