A scoffing snort; to snort in scorn. Often occurs as a reaction to an uninformed suggestion or action.

Can be used in a condescending tone, to counter an overstated compliment or, if accompanied by a smile, as an expression of dork-endearment.

Sometimes comes out in the form of a "pfff!", "please!", "tcha!" or similar exclamation.

Not to be confused with a snorting laugh (snork).
He snoffed at his proud mother's statement that any girl in the world could be his girlfriend.


The snobby veteran snoffed at the ignorant techniques of the young rookie.
by Nick Sherman October 30, 2006
Top Definition
The act of sneezing and coughing at once.
Dude, what WAS that?!
umm a snoff...
by .m.... April 20, 2006
Short for the phrase "suck a nigga off". It can be used as a descriptive pronoun, to a verb, or to describe the physical act of performing oral sex. It can be used as a one sentence question, or even a rhetorical question if the receiver understands the terminology and accepts.

Adding an -er to the word snoff can also be a semi-derogatory word for describing a young, brainless female who sucks a lot of dick, and who will most likely suck yours.

"I got some good snoff last night."

"Damn, girl you know how to snoff."

"That chick is such a snoffer."
by Crystina April 13, 2007
The act of "snoffing", is the act of sneezing and coughing at the same time. Creating a snoff noise.
I think I just snoffed over Sarah...
by Lois Smith August 14, 2014
Both the act of putting out a cigarette before it is finished with the intent on re-lighting it later, and the actual cigarette which has been put out.
I was running low on smokes, so i had to "snoff" my last one half way through.

I would give ya a smoke, but all i have left is this dirty "snoff"
by dave420 June 13, 2006
to sneeze and cough simultainusly while smoking weed -verb
he snoffed after he hit the blunt it was so funny!
by theeviltwin March 11, 2010
it can be used as a noun or a verb. a sneeze and a cough that happen at the same time. to sneeze and cough simultaneously.
"dude, I just snoffed on your sister"
"sick burn, I had a snoff this morning and it landed on a mcgriddle"
"sweet deal, let's go snoff on the elderly"
by nogg got pwnd September 03, 2007
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