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1) (adj/adv) a person who is very sneezy.
2) (n) a rock and roll cookie, much like a snickerdoodle but better.
3) (n) a variation of the game ookie cookie.
4) a snickerdoodle with pop rocks on top.
1) Tim is very snizzerdoodle-pop-rock today.
2) Hey, dude! Pass me a snizzerdoodle-pop-rock! Quit bogarting the snizzerdoodle-pop-rock!
3) a) get a snickerdoodle.
b) put on some Dragonforce.
c) gather sexually frustrated guys.
d) last person to spooge on cookie must eat the snizzerdoodle-pop-rock.
4) these snizzerdoodle-pop-rocks are amazing!
by DaRoostah July 11, 2008
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