Someone who always feels the need to snitch, when it really isn't their buisness.
When you are casually talking about a person, and the somebody you are talking to decides to be a snitch-bitch, when they are not involved at all!
by DIVA13 November 21, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who offers up information voluntarily to assist in the arrest or disciplinary action of another. In the penal system such individuals are placed in whats known as "check-in" or Protective Custody to avoid the physical harm which usually accompanies their underhanded and cowardly tactics.
Damn can't believe Gabe is a snitch bitch! He tried to get me busted because he's a hater. That's lower than a cop! At least cops get paid to try to get people busted!
by MustangGT December 14, 2007
a snitch bitch is a BOY ; that is a snitch. therefore, hes snitchinq like a bitch. hence the name snitch bitch .
Yo, that snitchbitch saw me and the boy I creep with. He went back and told all his boys. He's a little snitchbitch.
by dha baddest. March 26, 2010
Somebody who tells on everyone for everything. Sometimes nobody is doing anything wrong but a snitch bitch will make up something. Maybe because they want more attention, or they want to become popular, so they think its kool, or that's just who they are.
Person one: man, i can't go out.
Person two: what did you do?
Person one: nothing. I was doing backflips and stuff like that. next thing I know, my mom found out.

Person two: Really doe? who told on you? what a snitch bitch!
by Supersonic Music Princess August 21, 2014
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