someone who tells on another person or person, who usually get revenge.
snitches get stiches
by HerTzyu December 30, 2008
A person who rats another person out to a higher authority without a good reason to make themselves feel superior or to make themselves out to be a more "morally aware"
The Crew: Fuck yea, we all got straight A's! Lets get drunk and celebrate!

Brandon: I cant believe you guys did that, by the way I told my dad, he's a cop.

The Crew: What a fag, he fucking snitched on us
by Brandons a fag October 03, 2008
1) 50 Cent

2)Lloyd Banks

3) Young Buck

4)Mobb Depp

5) Marvin Benard aka Tony Gayo

6) Oliver aka the man bka ovlivia

7) Pastor Mase aka murder mase(bitch ass nigga ain't murder nobody!)

Curtis "Snitch" Jackson, commonly known as 50 cent( a name he stole from a broke ass stickup man) is reputedly known to have snitched to the police about Black Child, a friend of the now deceased Ja Rule(Whereabouts unknown)whom stabbed 50 at a recording studio. Curtis feared for his life and asked the police for a order of protection.
by Jack McGurn April 05, 2006
A person who tells on someone, the person everyone hates, but you cant do shit about. You cant snitch on them, because its what your supposed to do. You cant beat the crap out of them because they will snitch on you, unless you kill them, in which you will go to jail. Generally hated by non snitches, and typically avoided by most people. Snitches compose of 87% of all incidents "reported" to staff. The snitch usually eavesdrops on many conversations, listening for even a "Damn" or a "Crap", and also for anything inappropriate for school (even jokes), and instantly reports it to staff.
Billy is a snitch. He told the teacher on me for saying the word Damn one time
by fluffypenis November 16, 2014
A person who tells police about a crime that someone else commits.
If john saw bill get shot by someone than john cannot tell the police about the crime. If this happens than john is a snitch because he told on someone who is breaking the law.
by Tru facts September 09, 2010
anyone who talks to the police or tells on someone
"a tattle tail"
ay yo, that crackas a snitch, lets go pink sock his ass
by Sam16 November 20, 2007
The lowest of the low. A filthy, sad excuse for a human being. Lower than rapists and pedophiles. A snitch is a person of minimal integrity, trust, ability and intelligence. They have mixed motives but are always wrong. The result of their actions causes unnecesary hardship and pain. It is essential to always exact justice upon snitches and the severity of the punishment is always justifiable.
SFC M**A****** snitched on me and now I have lost my team.
by Snitch Justice November 23, 2011

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