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A word made un-cool by rappers who wear pink fur coats, and who got out of the ghetto by RAPPING not selling drugs, robbing or killing people, so these RAPPERS and MOB MOVIES are the last places you should look for advice to the streets. Mostly used by middle schoolers who have like a backwards way of thinking, also with narc wich means a narcotics officer, so i dont know where that came from. Anybody will snitch, but the ones who make the biggest deal about not doing it, will be the first ones to crack in interrigation, and get everybody in trouble even when the cops had absolutely no evidence on anybody.

There are different types of snitches, some are yes usually victims (however could kick the ass of a 13 y/o ratm fan) but usually coke heads who snitch on someone to get out of trouble. They are usually about 30, will lie about anything, even if they dont gain anything out of it, and live with their mom. They are easily spotted by their red jittery eyes.

However, a professional informant, one who's never been caught, who agrees to wear wires for money, is the best criminal ever. A true snake in the grass. think of denzel washington in training day, and that is what a regular professional informant is like. He doesnt live his life by any bullshit moral code, because he realizes he's a criminal, and the name of the game is to fuck the next man, and put yourself ahead. He will usually have a genious plan, taking both the cops, and dealers for a ride, and will usually end up fucking both over to get what he wants. The police PAY him to sell drugs, and turn their heads when he robs people. Truly the smartest grimiest criminals.

cops and snitches usually arent victims, they are the most vicious ruthless criminals who would kill their own mothers, and were smarter than the rest of the loosers in their neighborhood and realized the grass was alot greener on the other side. look up harry billups because training day wasnt fiction.
13 y/o wannabe stoner: dood are u lyk a snitch, lyk did u narc on me

harry billups/average informant: shut the fuck up you little dickhead, im going to cut your dads throat, and make you watch me make a snuff film with your mom you fucking prick.

13 y/o kidiot: cam'ron!!!! come get me with your pink lambroghini and your sparkling biscuit and save me!!!!!
by sin666 May 31, 2007
=Bitch, a deceitful person who rats out a fellow person about a private matter.
some little snitch ratted me out for smoking at work.
by jarrodsickle June 30, 2010
Someone who tells on another person, to either get out of some trouble or to gain from snitchin'
examples: 50 cent,Tony YOYO or Chief GAYO,Young Buck,Llyod Banks,Pastor Faggot Mase,Mobb Deep,MOP, and that bitch Olivia I mean OLIVER...G-UNOT

by sugajan February 19, 2006
Typically, a VERY low-class motherfucker. Usually a scrawny male from a very trashy broken family who owns a German Shepard of his own. Despite this, he gets caught selling illegal substances and narcs out the single man who's practically given him a way to buy everything he owns. He then proceeds to still go to prison and threaten and talk shit about his ex-girlfriend and ex-best friends to try to make himself feel better for fucking his own life up. These types of people usually end up back in prison.
"Damn, do you remember that scrawny Lee kid, he ratted his boy out for sellin' dope...what a snitch!"

"He thinks he's a man, but really he just talks shit to the few people who cared and sells his boy at to the cops. In other words he is a snitch!"
by rEaLbiTcH73 March 03, 2010
A nark,
A tattle Tail
a person that rats you out
by Quazimoto June 05, 2003
To tell for 'justice'
I snitched so the authorities could bring the apprehenders to justice
by JSoJ December 28, 2009
A person who rats another person out to a higher authority without a good reason to make themselves feel superior or to make themselves out to be a more "morally aware"
The Crew: Fuck yea, we all got straight A's! Lets get drunk and celebrate!

Brandon: I cant believe you guys did that, by the way I told my dad, he's a cop.

The Crew: What a fag, he fucking snitched on us
by Brandons a fag October 03, 2008
One who tells on people. Hated by all his peers. Selfish, greedy, souless mothafucka that thinks hes doing the right thing. He who snitches always denies doing so afterwards in fear of verbal and physical abuse by those around him.

Can also be used to refer to one who associates with a snitch.
Student 1:"like he told on us for cheating on the chem test"
Student 2:"yea man sudharshan's such a fuckin snitch"
Student 3:"lets go beat his ass"
by sud hater February 19, 2008