A word made un-cool by rappers who wear pink fur coats, and who got out of the ghetto by RAPPING not selling drugs, robbing or killing people, so these RAPPERS and MOB MOVIES are the last places you should look for advice to the streets. Mostly used by middle schoolers who have like a backwards way of thinking, also with narc wich means a narcotics officer, so i dont know where that came from. Anybody will snitch, but the ones who make the biggest deal about not doing it, will be the first ones to crack in interrigation, and get everybody in trouble even when the cops had absolutely no evidence on anybody.

There are different types of snitches, some are yes usually victims (however could kick the ass of a 13 y/o ratm fan) but usually coke heads who snitch on someone to get out of trouble. They are usually about 30, will lie about anything, even if they dont gain anything out of it, and live with their mom. They are easily spotted by their red jittery eyes.

However, a professional informant, one who's never been caught, who agrees to wear wires for money, is the best criminal ever. A true snake in the grass. think of denzel washington in training day, and that is what a regular professional informant is like. He doesnt live his life by any bullshit moral code, because he realizes he's a criminal, and the name of the game is to fuck the next man, and put yourself ahead. He will usually have a genious plan, taking both the cops, and dealers for a ride, and will usually end up fucking both over to get what he wants. The police PAY him to sell drugs, and turn their heads when he robs people. Truly the smartest grimiest criminals.

cops and snitches usually arent victims, they are the most vicious ruthless criminals who would kill their own mothers, and were smarter than the rest of the loosers in their neighborhood and realized the grass was alot greener on the other side. look up harry billups because training day wasnt fiction.
13 y/o wannabe stoner: dood are u lyk a snitch, lyk did u narc on me

harry billups/average informant: shut the fuck up you little dickhead, im going to cut your dads throat, and make you watch me make a snuff film with your mom you fucking prick.

13 y/o kidiot: cam'ron!!!! come get me with your pink lambroghini and your sparkling biscuit and save me!!!!!
#drop a dime #informant #shyster #survival of the fittest #better you than me
by sin666 May 31, 2007
The lowest person on the ghetto food chain. This person will often tell other people's bussiness, often times getting people arrested, evicted, or even killed. Snitches are hunted down like cattle, they destroy lives and credibility.
"Yo, you heard Cicx got kicked outta school?"
"Yea man, somebody we knows a snitch"
#rat #bitched #snitched out #mouth #to give 'the word'
by cicx January 06, 2006
Someone who is regarded as being worse than a criminal, even though reporting criminals is what responsible citizens are supposed to do to help keep their communities safe. Snitches lately have become the subject of the "Don't Snitch" campaign, an idea perpetuated by gangs and rap music as a way to encourage anarchy and allow every murderer, rapist, thief, and scoundrel to get away with what they do. Sadly the law-abiding members of the community, especially children, are being suckered into this ideology.
Ghetto-Joe got props for having the balls to rape little Tanika in public. Drew got gunned down for reporting him to the police. Who cares if Drew was only looking out for his sister? He was a damn snitch! High five, Joe!
#rat #tattle #report #press charges #911
by JasonOKC April 29, 2007
persons that report the illegal activities of other persons to the authorities, causing them disfavor in the eyes of those persons and their friends and pretty much anyone else whos not an asshole
ima fuck up those snitches that called the 5-0 when we were candyflippin at that party
#snitches #snitchez #snitch #snitched #die
by risewiththesmoke February 11, 2009
Someone whos death is caused by baseball bat to the back of the head...after I find the MOTHER F***ER WHO SNITCHED ON ME AND GOT ME THROWN IN JAIL!!!!
"Hey, I forgot to mention, but I was the one that called the cops on you that night, I uh hope your not mad." "O no I'm not mad, I've gotten over it, here, lets shake hands and be fri-<BOOM> <CRACK> <SMASH> <WA-POW> <THUD>......... bitch.
by ME April 19, 2005
Snitch is a person that tells on someone just to get they ass in trouble. A snitch is not liked by real hardcore G's. It doesn't matter who the snitch runs and tells da police, teachers, or they momma snitching is snitching.

That gay ass nigga 50 cent is a snitch he ratted on Game.
#snitch #50 cent #the game #game #rat
by Joy Wilson June 07, 2006
A person who feels the need to rat others out in order to save their own skin. They are liars and tend to start conflicts between people and groups.
A snitch is the lowest form of life
#rat #liar #drama #loser #fat #ass #stupid #retarded
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
person who tells on someone.
Master Onion: Kick! Punch! We don't have much time! If you don't squeal you're gonna serve a dime. I'm fine either way, 'cause I still get paid. But, listen to a teacher this should be your next play. Now Snitch!

PaRappa: Snitch?

Master Onion: Rat! Rat!

PaRappa: Rat? Rat?

Master Onion: Snitch! Snitch! Rat!

PaRappa: Snitch? Snitch? Rat?

Master Onion: Rat! Rat! Snitch!

PaRappa: Rat? Rat? Snitch?

Master Onion: Don't be a hero when you could serve zero. Or do you want to shower with some butch bull weirdo?

*horns play and camera nears PaRappa*

PaRappa: I may be a rapper, but I can't take this rap. I wasn't driving the car, I was chilling in the back. It was King Kong Mushi with the stuff behind the wheel. If it keeps my culo safe you bet your butt I'm gonna squeal!

Lawyer: This is observe! He was thrown of his scence!

Master Onion: Your honor, I'm prepared to plea an agreement.

PaRappa: It can't be a crime just to kick a dope rhyme.

Judge: Good point talking dog, your free without serving time!

PaRappa: Yeah! You gotta believe!

(scene from Robot Chicken Season 4 Episode 1)
#tattle #tale #what #rat #grinch
by PaRappatheRappa1995 November 15, 2009
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