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Someone who offers up information voluntarily to assist in the arrest or disciplinary action of another. In the penal system such individuals are placed in whats known as "check-in" or Protective Custody to avoid the physical harm which usually accompanies their underhanded and cowardly tactics.
Damn can't believe Gabe is a snitch bitch! He tried to get me busted because he's a hater. That's lower than a cop! At least cops get paid to try to get people busted!
by MustangGT December 14, 2007

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a snitch bitch is a BOY ; that is a snitch. therefore, hes snitchinq like a bitch. hence the name snitch bitch .
Yo, that snitchbitch saw me and the boy I creep with. He went back and told all his boys. He's a little snitchbitch.
by dha baddest. March 26, 2010
Someone who always feels the need to snitch, when it really isn't their buisness.
When you are casually talking about a person, and the somebody you are talking to decides to be a snitch-bitch, when they are not involved at all!
by DIVA13 November 21, 2009